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hi i'm chaiya and i want to kiss you on the face (≧ω≦) //


I got that comic con, comic con sadness

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"animated tv shows for adults can’t really be funny unless they’re offensive, it’s called satire!"

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why are replies so complicated now Jesus


I do not know, my child. But when you find out, tell me.

I will, accurately depicted Jesus.

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pressed unto us flesh, still sickly sweet
with scents of love
but lost of this lust
exactly what becomes of us?

just like me
they long to see you on your knees
but all these he’s into she’s
irreparably slow these hopes we’ve sewn
and so we forego
what pleasantries we’ve grown to know

did the dye thing again

I have just found out you listen to Muse and holy fucking shit that just proves the fact that you have the WORST fucking taste in music Muse is one of the worst bands out there right now everything they do is a clear rip-off of Radiohead jfc
you: wah wah wah!  i’m a little baby who is rude to people who don’t listen to mainstream metal!  wah wah wah!

Jesus fuck Zombie Kiss isn't even an album, it's a live E.P. You probably just googled White Zombie and decided to choose the first album that pops up without even paying attention.
what?  i’m not allowed to prefer that to their recorded stuff?  because i do.  and also, you’re a piece of shit.

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I'm sorry that things aren't very good lately. I'm sure you have lots of people who care about you and would be there for you, I would if I lived closer. I think you're awesome and pretty and have a great sense of humour and you're too wonderful to be sad! Thanks for existing, you brighten my day.
thank you so much :) you’re wonderful

Jesus, that anon doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that people have individual tastes in music. If you cannot comprehend that then you have the maturity level of a bratty child. Grow up or fuck off because Chaiya doesn't need to deal with yo' shit.
thank you, lovely c:

Oh really? Tell me, what's your favorite song by The Melvins? Or your favorite White Zombie album? Or how about your favorite song off of Refused's first album?
i don’t listen to the melvins, my favorite white zombie album is zombie kiss, and i don’t listen to the refused either.  why does my taste in music matter to you anyway?  are you seriously so unhappy with yourself that you feel the need to rag on some person you probably don’t even know for stuff they enjoy?

Distressed? :(
i’ve been stuck in a rut of perpetual anxiety and bouncing-back-and-forth depression

You seem a little quieter than usual on-line lately, everything O.K.?
i’m okay, just a little distressed and bored is all

ALL the music you listed are complete garbage, I just mentioned those two because they are ESPECIALLY garbage. Why not listen to music made by actual talented and original artists? Stuff like The Melvins, Refused, Black Flag, White Zombie? Or something a little easy to listen to like The Kills (Not too be mistaken with The Killers, ew gross), Silversun Pickups, anything with Thom Yorke?
noted: you are a pretentious asshole, and besides, i listen to nearly every band you mentioned.  fuck off, kindly.